v. i.
1) to rest or remain on the surface of a liquid; be buoyant
2) to move gently on the surface of a liquid; drift along:
The canoe floated downstream[/ex]
3) to rest or move in a liquid, the air, etc.:
a balloon floating on high[/ex]
4) to move lightly and gracefully:
She floated down the stairs[/ex]
5) to move or hover before the eyes or in the mind
6) to pass from one person to another
7) to be free from attachment or involvement
8) to move or drift about, esp. freely or aimlessly
9) ban bus (of a currency) to be allowed to fluctuate freely in the foreign-exchange market instead of being exchanged at a fixed rate
10) to cause to float
11) to cover with water or other liquid; flood; irrigate
12) to launch (a company, scheme, etc.); set going
13) bus to issue (stocks, bonds, etc.) on the stock market in order to raise money
14) ban bus to let (a currency) fluctuate in the foreign-exchange market
15) to present for consideration, as an idea
16) to make smooth with a float, as the surface of plaster
17) something that floats, as a raft
18) something for buoying up
19) an inflated bag to sustain a person in water; life preserver
20) bui (in a tank, cistern, etc.) a device, as a hollow ball, that through its buoyancy automatically regulates the level, supply, or outlet of a liquid
21) naut. navig. a floating platform attached to a wharf, bank, etc., and used as a landing
22) aer. a hollow, boatlike structure under the wing or fuselage of a seaplane or flying boat that keeps it afloat in water
23) spo a piece of cork or other material supporting a baited fishing line in the water
24) zool. an inflated organ that supports an animal in the water
25) a vehicle bearing a display, usu. an elaborate tableau, in a parade or procession
26) cvb coo a drink with ice cream floating in it
27) bus uncollected checks and commercial paper in process of transfer from bank to bank
28) bus a sum of money added to a salary, pension, etc., as to cover expenses
29) an act or instance of floating
30) bui a flat tool for spreading and smoothing plaster or stucco
Etymology: bef. 1000; ME floten, OE flotian; c. ON flota; akin to OE flēotan to fleet II float′a•ble, adj. float`a•bil′i•ty, n. float′y, adj. float•i•er, float•i•est.

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